Wonder Hog Games

we have fun making fun

Wonder Hog Games is a game company that focuses on card and board games.  Founded by John Wunder and Ben Hogstad to develop and sell card and board games.  Our games are fun, replayable, and competitive.

we have fun making fun

Why would we expect you to have fun playing our games if we didn't have fun making them?

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The issuance of the 3RD EDICT has shown the council is losing control; battle for dominance using a shared deck to destroy your foes while guarding yourself and allies.

Even when in control, you're not safe...

Battle for dominance using a shared deck to destroy your foes while guarding yourself and allies in a clash of technology and magic.

3RD EDICT is a card battle game where players choose abilities to guide their play style for the match.  A shared deck is used to provide equal opportunities to all players giving them access to powerful offensive cards to damage or hinder opponents, defensive cards to guard themselves or allies from harm, or equipment to enhance a player's abilities.  

Utilize countermeasures to not only slow your opponents but to potentially claim their offensive move for your own!

Various gametypes, abilities, and strategy cards offer vast replayability.  

Recommended: 3 - 6 Players

Setup: ~5 minutes

Gameplay: 30-60 minutes

Ages: 13+ 


Art and design was imagined, drawn, and compiled by the imaginative Tim Jones.  The world you see and experience while playing 3RD EDICT is what he created.  

We would first like to thank the academy... actually in all seriousness, our friends, family, and strangers that have supported us have been incredibly instrumental to bringing our dream to life.  Read more about our phenomenal beta testers!