Wonder Hog Games

we have fun making fun

Wonder Hog Games is a game company that focuses on card and board games.  Founded by John Wunder and Ben Hogstad to develop and sell card and board games.  Our games are fun, replayable, and competitive.

we have fun making fun

Why would we expect you to have fun playing our games if we didn't have fun making them?



(Recommended for 2-6 players)

The goal of the game is to have the most pairs of matching cards when the deck runs out.  Instead of damaging a player, you take a random card from that players hand.  Instead of healing, you draw a card from the deck.  When you have a pair of matching cards (regardless of color), you may place them aside instead of playing them.  Since Equipment cards are unique, they can be paired with any other equipment card.

Free For All

(Recommended for 3-6 Players)

The goal is simple: destroy everyone else.

Tug of War

(Recommended for 4-6 Players)

Divide players into two different (preferably even) teams.  Whenever a player is destroyed, they join the opposing team.  When all players are on one team, the game is over and everyone wins! Except for the players that started on the other team - you know who you are...

First Blood

(Recommended for 3-6 players)

There is one objective, be the first player to destroy another player.

This results in everyone against the active player. One turn everyone is on your team and the next they're foiling all of your plans.

Secret Win Conditions

(Recommended for 4-6 players)

Each player has a Super Secret Win Condition.  To win, you must achieve your mission or destroy everyone else. You can still win even if you have been destroyed!  

Spoils of War

(Recommended for 4-6 players)

Whenever you destroy a player, you take one of their abilities. 

The more players you destroy, the more powerful you become... but the bigger target you have on your back.

Last Player Standing

(Recommended for 3-6 players)

To win, you must be the last human player alive.  The first time each player is destroyed, they return as a zombie!  Zombies want nothing but brains, which the humans have too much of.  When a zombie dies they are dead for good.  

Make alliances then stab your "human friends" in the back.


(Recommended for 3-6 players)

Each player starts on their own team.  Whenever you destroy another player, they join your team.  When all players are on one team, the game is over.  Everyone wins! Except for the players that started on the other team - you know who you are.

It's like TUG OF WAR but starting on your own team.


You can apply these to any gametype!


Choose Abilities regardless of color. 


During each turn, any player may pay one life to flip any Ability card(s) to its opposite color Ability.