Wonder Hog Games

we have fun making fun

Wonder Hog Games is a game company that focuses on card and board games.  Founded by John Wunder and Ben Hogstad to develop and sell card and board games.  Our games are fun, replayable, and competitive.

we have fun making fun

Why would we expect you to have fun playing our games if we didn't have fun making them?


Facing annihilation from an exploding star, the archmages of Taethys made a desperate attempt to save their world - use portal magic and throw their planet through space.  The act works.  However, when Taethys materialized, it nearly touched another planet: Valkja.  With the two planets so close together they began to shatter and collapse.  This is when the 1st Edict was created: a magical barrier keeping the two worlds from destroying each other.

After stabilizing the two planets, the leaders of Valkja and Taethys formed a council to oversee the worlds.  The shadow Valkja cast on Taethys caused extreme weather.

Maintaining the barrier had taken a staggering amount of resources.  To continue this safety, increased taxation and resource sharing was forced on the populations. Thus the 2nd Edict was decreed.

The increased taxation and extreme seasons would simmer the relationship between the two planets into animosity.  Riots and unrest spread into the streets.  Travel between the planets for research and diplomacy was waning as smuggling and border disputes were on the rise.  The council instituted the 3rd Edict: the regulation of all travel between the planets.

This only increased the smuggling operations, speakeasies, and unsavory groups.

You find yourself on the brink of turmoil...